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Pocket Axolotl Free Crochet Pattern

I can't figure out my undying fascination with Axolotls! Is it how the name Axolotl rolls off your tongue? Is it because they look like frilly little sea dragons that could be your best friend and protector all in one! Is it because they are PINK and who doesn't LOVE that color?! Maybe it is the fact that they look like they are smiling...ALWAYS!

Whatever the reason, these have wormed their way into my heart and I wanted to make one for my daughter who also loves them. Last summer I made her a tiny little Axolotl filled with stuffing, love, and lavender. I proudly showed it to her and she said, "That's kind of ugly!" So broken hearted I walked off with my little pink Axy and didn't give it another thought. This year for Valentines, I sent it to her at college. I knew it wouldn't be her favorite thing but I was trying to fill the little Valentine's box as full as possible, as all mother's do when they have to pay full price for shipping a box half way across the U.S. When she got her box she said, "Mom, this little Axolotl is adorable! You should make more."

Can you visualize the look I had on my face, the things running through my head, the scream I was trying to hold back?

"Really? Well I will have to see if I can find the pattern because when you said it was UGLY last time, I think I may have tossed it." said tired, incredulous Mom.

"What? I would never say this was UGLY!" said teenage girl, whose life was hanging by a thread.

However, since I love my kids more than my sanity, I searched every scrap of paper I had written on and kept since August 2022 some miracle...I. FOUND. IT!

So I've decided to share it with all of you. Please have a blast making all the little axolotls your heart desires! These can be made in about 15 minutes once you are familiar with the pattern. Adding a little lavender in with the stuffing makes them the perfect crochet stress toy.

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