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What goes in to making your tags?

I get asked a lot, how I make your tags. Well the llamas and I put together a detailed list of all the steps that happen start to finish. It doesn't seem hard to me now but when I first started, every tag seemed overwhelming. I remember the first weekend I got SIX, yes SIX WHOLE ORDERS in a row and almost freaked out because I didn't know how I would get those all done in time. I'm happy that things seem like second nature now, and I'd love to share with you all how we make our magical tags! Please see diagram below.

Okay, okay, maybe a little more goes into this process.


I receive your order, do a little happy dance in my office, and print your packing slip!


If you happened to place an order that needs a proof sent out, I get to work on designing it. I have templates pre-set up for the tag sizes and I add your finishing touches to them. I email those proofs and wait to hear back. If you love everything, I add it to the print queue. If you want changes made, I rework things and send you another proof. Once we have a tag set up you love it's put in my print queue. My print queue is a lovely little list of orders as they are received and approved.


I think I love this step the most. Once your tags are ready to print, I pull them up in my design program and send them over to the laser to be engraved. You'd think after all this time that I would be sick of watching the tags engrave on the laser...turns out I am STILL NOT SICK OF IT! I LOVE IT! I make sure everything is engraving correctly, right size, right darkness, so on and so forth.


When the tags are done I clean all of the engraving char off of them. I use soft microfiber cloths and warm water to clean them. Once they are dry, I stack them and add them to a little bag so they are ready to be packaged and mailed.


Another one of my favorite steps is getting to write a little note on your packing slip telling you how much I appreciate your order, and telling you how awesome I think you are, or sending the llama's love! I really do love this quick little note time, it helps me feel like I can connect with you all! Some of my orders are close but many of you are clear across the country from me, and I'd hate for you to think the distance made me love you any less!


I add your packing slip, a sticker usually, a business card, some fun free labels and your order to a bubble mailer to help your items arrive safe and sound. I seal it all up with llama love and well wishes, and hand them off to my mail carriers. I've had 3 different mail people over the last year and they are all awesome! I appreciate them so much. I trust them to get your package on it's way to you and they rarely disappoint.


Your package arrives and YOU, you all helped make this happen! Your kind reviews mean more than you know, they help me keep creating, your kind messages pick me up after rough days, your creativity helps spark more ideas for future tags, your pictures make my world go 'round, your fun personalities keep me looking forward to each order. YOU ARE AMAZING and make it possible for me to keep creating and doing what I love. It really is the human element that makes it all worth it! I get inspired by what you order, what you create, and I love sharing your creations on my instagram stories so keep tagging me!

Thank you all so much! Hope you enjoyed this little look into what goes into your orders.

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