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👻🔑Spread Some Boo-tiful Love with our Free Crochet Magnetic Kissing Ghosts Keychains Pattern!🔑👻

Free Pattern Gumdrop Ghosts Kissing Keychains

Hey there, crochet enthusiasts and ghost lovers! We have a spook-tacular treat just for you! Introducing our adorable FREE crochet kissing ghosts keychain pattern that will add a touch of whimsy and charm to your keys, bags, or anywhere else you fancy!

But wait, there's more! These ghostly cuties come as a dynamic duo, equipped with special magnetic powers. When you bring them close to each other, they can't help but give each other a little smooch! 😘 That's right, folks, they love to "kiss"!

Not only are these keychains super cute, but they're also incredibly easy to make. Our step-by-step pattern will guide you through each stitch, whether you're a crochet newbie or an experienced hook-wielder. You'll have your very own ghostly pair in no time!

Imagine the joy of giving these little charmers as gifts to your friends, family, or even that special someone who adores all things ghostly and whimsical. They're perfect for Halloween, as well as any time of the year when you want to spread some ghostly cheer and share a little magnetic love.

So, grab your favorite crochet hook and some hauntingly delightful yarn, and let's get hooking! Our pattern is available here and on Instagram in our feed, because we believe that spreading crochet happiness should be as effortless as a ghostly smooch.

Remember, life is too short to have boring keys! Let these magnetic kissing ghost keychains brighten your day and bring a smile to everyone who encounters them. Get ready to be the envy of all your friends with this boo-tiful crochet creation!

See below for all the details and links to the items I used. Let's spread the love and make the world a bit more magical, one ghostly kiss at a time! Happy crocheting, my spirited friends! 👻💕🔑

Supplies needed



  • SLST = Slip Stitch

  • SC = Single Crochet

  • HDC = Half Double Crochet

  • DC = Double Crochet

  • DEC = Decrease, I prefer the invisible decrease: insert hook into the front loops of your next two stitches, yarn over and pull through both loops, yarn over and pull through both loops on your hook

  • INC = Increase

  • BLO = Back Loops Only

  • FLO = Front Loops Only

  • st(s) = stitch(es)


  • This is a free pattern and I'd love to see you make tons of these and spread some spooky love! If you'd like to purchase the PDF version please visit my Etsy shop or my Ravelry shop. Please make sure to tag me @laserllamaboutique and use #gumdropghosts on social media posts and give pattern credit on your finished products, or I'll have to come back and haunt you someday 👻👻👻

  • This is a beginner lever amigurumi pattern.

  • If you are new to crocheting or have a lot of distractions, feel free to use a stitch marker at the beginning of your rounds to help you keep track of your place.

  • Numbers in the parenthesis at the end of each round is the number of stitches you should have in that round.

  • In a round in there are sometimes items in parenthesis with an X with a number after it. This means you'll repeat the items in the parenthesis in that order however many times is listed next to the X. For example: (4SC, DEC) x5 means that you would make a SC in the next 4 stitches and DEC over the next two stitches, you would do this 5 times to reach the beginning of your round.

  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds, you do not need to slst and join each round.

  • Please feel free to message me on instagram with any questions.

  • These are set up to make in a set of two so when they are placed near each other the magnets will pull them together to "kiss". You will need to make sure to use super strong magnets so they will be able to attract each other through the yarn. I highly recommend the magnets linked above.

  • You can leave the magnets out and make a bunch, string them together with some spooky colored felt pom poms, and you'll have an adorable ghostly garland just in time for the spooky season.

  • Increasing your hook size and yarn weight can give you a bigger ghost if you'd like to make these into plushies instead of keychains.


If you want to make this without the patch, start here:

  1. MR, 10sc (10)

  2. INCx10 (20)

  3. (SC, INC)x10 (30)

  4. Continue to step 2 below

If you want to make this with the patch, start here:

  1. With patch upside down and facing you, insert hook into the hole above the small "you" on the patch, pull up a loop, SLST, in the next hole SC INC, continue making 2 SC in each hole including the hole you SLST'd into at the beginning. (30)

SLST in first hole
SLST in first hole
Boo I love you patch with crocheted stitches around it.
2 SC in each hole around patch

2. FLO: loosely SLST in each st around (30)

3. FLO of SLSTs: (1st st: SC, 2nd st: HDC, 3rd st: DC, 4th st: HDC, 5th st: SLST), repeat ( - ) 5 more times. This creates the fringe at the bottom of the ghost, see pic below. (30)

picture of the fringe at the bottom of the ghost
Fringe at the bottom of the ghost

4. In BLO of round 1 if you used the patch, or round 3 if you didn't use a patch, SC in each st around. See pics below. (30)

BLO placement for step 4
First round open back loops if you used the patch

hook placement for step 4
Hook placement for Step 4

5-7. In BOTH loops: SC in each st around (30 - 3 rounds total)

8. (4SC, DEC)x5 (25)

On the inside of your ghost, directly across from where you finished round 8, use a dot of superglue to attach a magnet between rounds 4-6.


  • Be careful, superglue will adhere hooks to yarn, fingers to hooks 😜 you get the picture, use caution.

  • When placing the magnet for your second ghost, make sure the magnet is facing the right direction to attract the magnet from your first ghost or you will have ghosts that detest each other instead of want to "kiss".

Attach safety eyes on either side of the magnet between rounds 7-8 with about 3 sts showing between them.

9. (3SC, DEC)x5 (20)

10. (2SC, DEC)x5 (15)

11. (SC, DEC)x5 (10)

Stuff your ghost to this point.

SLST and cut a long yarn tail to close opening, and stitch keychain to top, center of head.

Weave in ends.

Using your pink scrap yarn, stitch a straight line next to the outside, bottom edge of both eyes to make little blushing cheeks.

When you are finished making your #gumdropghost tag me on Instagram @laserllamaboutique so I can share your adorable creations!

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