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Vixen Beanie

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In honor of my first ever #preptober event, I want to share one of my favorite patterns with you! I have been working on this pattern for...well I've been making this pattern for months. Working out all the kinks, and just enjoying keeping it to myself. I admit I've been dragging my feet about writing up another pattern. I feel like life is so chaotic already I just didn't have my heart in it. PLUS, I couldn't think of a good name for it, a beanie is only as classy as it's name, right?! THEN, I added some reindeer antlers to it one day, a couple faux fur pom poms, and the Vixen Beanie got a name and I got the extra motivation I needed to finish this baby up.

So without further is the adult version of this fun, quick, versatile beanie pattern. I hope you fall in love with it as I have. If you would like 3 more sizes and to have your own copy in a PDF format, you can grab my pattern at Ravelry or my other shop.



· Lion Brand Lazy Days Yarn or other Worsted Weight Yarn (120 yards)

· Hook Size:

o I/5.50mm for brim

o J/6.00mm for body of beanie

· Yarn Needle

· Scissors

· Faux Fur Pom (optional)

· Brand Tag or Hat Patch (optional)


· ch = chain

· slst = slipstitch

· sk a st/skpd st = skip a stitch/skipped stitch

· inv jn = invisible join

· fhdc = foundation half double crochet

· hdc = half double crochet

· hdc3p = half double crochet in the third loop

· dc = double crochet

· dc2tog = double crochet two together

· mfpdc = modified front post double crochet

· lss dec = left slant stitch decrease


· Gauge is worked using hdc rows and an I/5.50mm hook.

4”x4” swatch should equal 15 hdc across and 10 rows high.


o I get my faux fur poms from these shops

o All tags and hat patches and pom pom buttons I use are from my shop:

Stitch Tutorials:

Left Slant Stitch

  1. Skip a stitch and hdc into next stitch

  2. Modified Front Post Double Crochet around post to the right of hdc st.

  3. Repeat (see above video link for this stitch)

Left Slant Decrease

  1. Skip a stitch, hdc into next stitch, but instead of pulling through all 3 loops on hook, only pull through two. (2 loops on hook)

  2. Yarn over and begin a MFPDC in the post to the right of the hdc st. (3 loops on hook)

  3. Yarn over and pull up another loop (4 loops on hook)

  4. Yarn over and pull through 2 loops on your hook. (3 loops on hook)

  5. Yarn over and pull through last 3 loops on your hook.


Vixen Brim:

Using I hook

1. fhdc to 20" or 66 fhdc

2-3. Ch 1, hdc3lp in each st, inv jn (66)

4. Ch 1, hdc in each st, inv jn (66)

5. Ch 1, hdc3lp in each st, inv jn (66)

6. Ch 1, hdc in each st, inv jn (66)

7-8. Ch 1, hdc3lp in each st, inv jn (66)

Vixen Body:

Switch to a J hook

1. Ch 1, hdc in each st around, inv jn (66)

2. Ch 1, *sk the first st, hdc in next st, mfpdc in post to the right of your hdc*, this is

what we call a left slant st (lss), repeat * - * around, inv jn (66)

3.Ch 1, working behind the last round you completed, hdc3lp in the next hdc from

round 2, dc into the skipped st from round 1, * hdc3lp in hdc from round 2, dc into

skipped st from round 1,* repeat *-* all the way around, inv jn (66)

4-15. Repeat rounds 2-3 for 6 more times (66)

***If you would like your beanie shorter, skip some of the rounds 14-15 of the repeat rounds. If you would like your beanie longer, continue repeating rounds 2-3 until you reach your desired length, ending after a round 3.*****

Vixen Decrease & Finishing Off:

Using J hook

1. Ch 1, *2 lss, lss dec* (see stitch description for directions on how to do this), repeat

*-* to the end of round, inv jn (55)

2. Ch 1, skip first st, *hdc3lp in next hdc st from round 1, dc in skpd st from last round,

hdc3lp in following hdc st from last round, dc2tog over next two skipped sts from last

round* repeat *-* to end of round, inv jn (44)

3. Ch 1, *lss, lss dec* repeat *-* to end of round, inv jn (33)

4. Ch 1, dc into each skipped st from last round make sure to work behind lss row so it

still creates that ridge as if you were working the hdc3lp, inv jn (22)

5. Ch 1, lss dec all the way around, inv jn (11)

6.Ch 1, sc in each st around, inv jn (11)

***Slipstitch and cut a long yarn tail to close opening. Attach a faux fur pom (or two), some faux leather antlers, and a rudolph nose. Don't want to make it Christmas specific, add whatever beautiful pom you would like, a fun patch and a brand tag. Better yet, GO WILD! Do whatever makes your creative heart happy and tag us on social media @laserllamaboutique or use #vixenbeanie so we can see your amazing talent!****


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